Life As A Crossword Puzzle - Open Thread

Open Thread Chapbook Award, 2009
cover art by Christopher Kardambikis
out of print
Ohio Crossword

Life As A Crossword Puzzle

“The tonal textures – mini-tragedies, high comedy, irony in sequins, cheap jokes, silver-pure pathos, poems that feel like a clemency-mash up and make something that looks at once like a chimera, then a mirror. And perhaps that’s why I’m drawn to this chapbook. Always accessible, Falck is making possible what normally isn’t possible: fantasy moonlighting as realism, irony dressed up in the ‘I mean this with all my heart’ sweatpants.

And the structure: like a crossword, we’re given disparate clues, and the sense that the puzzle connects them. We just need to figure it out. It’s a lovely wink at the reading experience of poems in general, and I think if you’re earnest rather than skeptical reader, you’ll see Life as a Crossword Puzzle as a welcome sign in front of the house you’ve returned to as the end of a long day.”

Tyler Meier, University of Arizona Poetry Center Executive Director