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Category : News

21 Aug 2016
18 Aug 2016
Ocean Vuong

Silo City Reading Series – 2016

So happy to continue putting poems, music, and art inside the old grain silos of Buffalo. I continue to be amazed at the support from the good people of Buffalo, and the talented community of artists. Here’s a few photos from the series. See you in the silos next summer. all photographs by Joel Brenden

12 Dec 2015


Flatsitter kicked off a month-long virtual reality experience last night called the Clinical Trials. It is an otherworldly experience, and something everyone should check out. Click here for all the details. I would recommend registering for an appointment in advance.

15 Nov 2015


I’ve been asked to collaborate with some amazing artists on a project called THETA (Θ),  a guided meditation virtual reality spa experience founded on the principles of sensorial decadence and medical relaxation. You can check out the project at various art & film festivals throughout 2016. More details on this soon. The artists involved in this project are: Virtual Reality Experience by Flatsitter Guided Meditation Poetics by Noah Falck Lighting Design by Carlie & John Rickus Bubble Spa Sculpture by Frank Napolski Biofeedback Medical Systems […]

13 Aug 2015

The season finale of the Silo City Reading Series is on Saturday, August 29th at 7:00pm. It will feature Brooklyn-based poet & poetry comic artist Bianca Stone, Buffalo-based writer Emily Anderson, installation artist Frank Napolski (aka NP) and Buffalo-native musician Julie Byrne. If you live anywhere near Buffalo you should make do you best to attend this last reading of the summer.

11 May 2015

Wonder: The Awesome Issue

Conduit is another one of those literary magazines that educated me on what poetry could really do. Reading it early in my poem making days was a gift. It electrified me, and introduced me to so many contemporary poets who were masters at play, masters who widened the definition of poetry for me. It continues to do that today. Plus, the magazine is always presented in a stunning format with visual artists who are at the top of their game. The current […]

24 Apr 2015

Washington Square Review

You walk into the closest bookstore and browse the newest batch of literary magazines. That is just the kind of person you are. You see the cover of the latest issue of Washington Square Review. You pick it up, and page through the contents which holds poems by Graham Foust, Bianca Stone, David Lehman, and many other heroes of yours. You read a few lines, and feel a small trickle of rain inside your brain. You stare around the large […]

04 Apr 2015

Salt Hill Journal

The latest issue of Syracuse University’s SALT HILL JOURNAL has been born into the world, and is as gorgeous as ever. Salt Hill is one of those publications that stays true to the book arts. Every issue is stunning in both production & content. Pick one up for only $10 or if you are going to Minneapolis for AWP 2015, I am sure you can strike some sort of package deal with them. No matter what this issue is worth […]

24 Feb 2015
Noah Falck

You Are In Nearly Every Future

YOU ARE IN NEARLY EVERY FUTURE is a book-length poem that I have been composing during the past year that has been fortunate enough to be part of a few really sweet collaborations. On March 20th, a team of musicians, dancers, & artists will present the poem as a sort multi-media installation performance. The performance with be a combination of a reading, layered with processed audio, guitar, and drums performed by Flatsitter and Jim Abramson (drums). In addition, Jax Deluca […]

11 Feb 2015

Genesee Reading Series

I am coming to read you poems Erie, Rochester, and Buffalo in the coming weeks. Come say hello if you are able to fight off the snow.