JAKE ADAM YORK 1972 – 2012


Jake Adam York, poet & editor, gave voices to the voiceless with his necessary brilliance and energy. His words will continue to work as murmurations in the world. He was a friend of many and if you were lucky enough to know him, were likely moved by both his generosity and love.  Jake died yesterday, December 16, 2012, he will be forever missed.

This past summer Jake and I wrote and exchanged ghost poems. Here is one he slipped into one of my notebooks:

by Jake Adam York

You can’t find the strands
of your lover’s hair
if you never said yes or
hum in the relative minor
if you never had a blood
to call your own. Later
is all the used to be
I ever wanted, after
some after I’d call down
if I had had breath.
You can’t haunt, haint,
if you hadn’t had
a have. If you never
had nary a name.

Read Jake’s books, they are powerful and historic works – http://jakeadamyork.com/
and listen to him read some of his poems 

December 17th, 2012

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