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O What They Say Of The Accordion

Check out tracks from King Elk, The Judy Blooms, Speaking Suns, and Henry Daggs all of which will be playing this Sunday, June 10th at Canal Street Tavern (see the line up & times above.) Get a babysitter now. Also, Don Draper is said to be attending, at least according to Facebook. He can fill you in on all the Mad Men madness.



The Dayton Daily News has posted an article promoting the release of Snowmen Losing Weight, as has the arts/culture/music website Donewaiting. Thank You Kindly to both publications! All of a sudden it smells of lilacs.


BatCat Press wants to hear from you if would like a copy of Snowmen. The first printing has sold out!, which is great for those who have a copy, but not so much for everyone else. Everyone would be happier if they had a copy to sing with. CLICK HERE to visit BatCat and tell them you want more Snowmen made. It will improve your neighborhood watch program, I promise.


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