selected poems

Poem Excluding Gun Control,” Diagram (2018)
A Letter To The Mayor About Potholes,” The Public (2018)
Poem Excluding Children,” Ploughshares (2018)
You Are In Nearly Every Future,” Paperbag (2017)
You Are In Nearly Every Future,” The Adroit Journal (2017)
Fatigue Performance,” (2017)
Poem Excluding Change,” The Brooklyn Rail (2017)
Poem Excluding Online Dating,” Harvard Review Online (2016)
Poem Excluding Modern Technology,” Colorado Review (2016)
You Are In Nearly Every Future,” (2015)
Poem Excluding Babysitter,The Awl (2015)
Poem Excluding Politics,” Conduit (2015)
Poem Excluding Fiction,” (2013)
Celebrity Dream Poems,” Boston Review (2013)
from Life As A Crossword Puzzle,” Kenyon Review (2009)