Celebrity Dream Poems - Poor Claudia

Poor Claudia, 2013
cover art by Jacob Heustis
out of print

“I walk for hours through a meadow,/my pockets leaking bacon bits” – this is how Noah Falck sees Bill Clinton, and more importantly, how Noah Falck sees us seeing Bill Clinton. Celebrities are mirrors in which we watch ourselves watching them. These poems purify that experience, and in doing so, clarify the beauty and sadness of fame – how much we want to matter, and that mattering now is largely tied up in fame. God, I fear, needs a press agent. The book’s Berryman epigraph – Peoples bore me – seems a head fake here — people do not bore Noah Falck. What surprises me most is how much he makes me feel for these people I feel nothing for. I mean you, Lindsay Lohan, and you, Tom Cruise. Here, you are resurrected…as human.”
— Bob Hicok author of Elegy Owed