Homemade Engines From A Dream - Pudding House Publications

Pudding House Publications, 2007
cover art by William Kentridge
out of print

from Homemade Engines from a Dream
Gulf Coast Summer/Fall issue 2007


And then came a guilty man with a JFK tattoo
And a car running out of breath in the alley
And his cellphone rang as he tugged up his pants
And the static of a baby crying from the backseat

And a car running out of breath
And he stormed into the house like brushfire
Like a wild animal trapped in a sunset
And curse words were more than mechanical

And onto the back porch came the guilty man
Grasping a woman by the weight of her hair
And their lips whipped loud distances
And the static of the baby swelled with corruption

And a pack of neighborhood dogs sang electric
As the woman kicked the guilty man in the groin
And to the ground he fell
And four clicked triggers later there was silence