Snowmen Losing Weight is an approachable collection of 61 poems on a range of topics from baseball and mustaches to Dick and Jane.

“Everyone wants one of these, I know. And I do mean to share my enthusiasm for this book with you. I want to give it to you, like an ice cream cone on the street in the middle of a rapidly warming day. I want you to feel the cloud of a snowman on your tongue. But mostly I want you to read these poems and be double-taken by them.”
Jake Adam York author of Abide

“I hear Whitman in the poems in Snowmen Losing Weight. There’s more than a yawping echo here, there’s this huge tenderness and intellect, as well as a party’s worth of strangeness and play, and a lingering darkness.”
Nick Sturm author of How We Light

“Snowmen Losing Weight may be one of the best-designed poetry books I’ve ever seen and the poems contained therein are equally badass.”
Ryan Ridge author of Hunters & Gamblers

“Noah Falck’s world is both the world I live in, and the world I wished I lived in. And maybe, that’s what’s most beautiful about Snowmen, that it brings those two a little closer together while still recognizing the essential difference between them.”
— Vouched Books

“I see so much urgent seeing in these poems, seeing that wrestles between its desire to share itself and its confusion about whether to share itself with what it sees or into one special other set of eyes.”
— Mike Young for HTML Giant