Snowmen Losing Weight BatCat Press

BatCat Press, 2012 / out of print

“Everyone wants one of these, I know. And I do mean to share my enthusiasm for this book with you. I want to give it to you, like an ice cream cone on the street in the middle of a rapidly warming day. I want you to feel the cloud of a snowman on your tongue. But mostly I want you to read these poems and be double-taken by them.”
— Jake Adam York author of Abide

“I hear Whitman in the poems in Snowmen Losing Weight. There’s more than a yawping echo here, there’s this huge tenderness and intellect, as well as a party’s worth of strangeness and play, and a lingering darkness.”
— Nick Sturm author of How We Light

“Snowmen Losing Weight may be one of the best-designed poetry books I’ve ever seen and the poems contained therein are equally badass.”— Ryan Ridge author of Hunters & Gamblers