August 16, 2018 – 5 – 9pm – ELEVEN TWENTY PROJECTS 1120 Main St. Buffalo, NY 14209 – vitural reality poem for the project GOAT MOUNTAIN REVIVAL, a collaboration with the arts collective Flatsitter

September 15, 2018 – 7pm – The Cantina at Duende (Silo City) with Jenny Johnson, Amber Nelson, & Jason Irwin


Hotel Henry (Buffalo/March 16, 2018) – reading with Lytton Smith & Janet McNally

AWP (Tampa / March 9, 2018) – Panel – Everywhere, A Poem: Poetry as Public Art with P. Scott Cunningham, Yolanda Wisher, & Barbara Cole

AWP (Tampa / March 8, 2018) – Panel – Bridges, Not Walls: Building the Literary Community with Barbara Cole, Rachelle Toarmino, & Jonathon Welch

My Next Heart: New Buffalo Poetry Launch Party at Mohawk Place (Buffalo / December 13, 2017) – with Janet McNally, Joe Hall, Eve Williams, Rachelle Toarmino, Paige Melin, Julio Montalvo Valentin, Tom Dreitlein, & Nathanael William Stolte

Cornicopia: Mini Poetry Festival at The Barrel Factory (Buffalo / November 25, 2017)

Pine Apple Company (Buffalo / August 18, 2017) – Peach Mag Launch Party

Silo City (Buffalo / July 28, 2017) – with Julie Byrne & Lara Buckley

CEPA Loft (Buffalo / April 29, 2017) – with Aidan Ryan, Alana Kelley, Joel Brenden, & Gerry Crinnin

Road Less Traveled Theatre Presents Buffalo Poets (Buffalo / March 29, 2017) with Aidan Ryan, Rachelle Toarmino, Paige Melin, Eve Williams Wilson, & Tom Dreitlein

STUDIO Series (Buffalo / March 9, 2017) with Rosa Alcalá & Michael Kelleher at Just Buffalo Writing Center

Foundlings Magazine Launch Party (Buffalo / December 29, 2016) with Lytton Smith, Justin Karcher, Aidan Ryan, Ben Brindise at Tap and Wurst

Peach Mag Reading (Buffalo / October 14, 2016) with Bella Bravo, Richard Wehrenberg, Paige Melin & Woogee Bae at Dreamland

Box Gallery (Buffalo / December 11 – January 3, 2016) a guided meditation virtual reality spa installation featuring Flatsitter with Carlie & John Rickus, Frank Napolski, & Volker Einsfeld

Burchfield Penney Art Center (Buffalo /December 11, 2015) with Ten Cent Howl

Mohawk Place (Buffalo / October 3, 2015) with Small Houses, Alex Berkley & Sonny Baker, Difficult Night, & Rachael Katz

Kenyon College Young Writers Workshop (Gambier, Oh / July 20 – August 1, 2015) with Richie Hoffman & Adam Clay

YOU ARE IN NEARLY EVERY FUTURE (Buffalo / March 20, 2015) with Flatsitter, Tommy Nguyen, Jim Abramson, Frank Napolski, & Liz Bayan

Genesee Reading Series (Rochester / March 10, 2015) with Al Abonado

Poets’ Hall (Erie, PA / February 20, 2015)

Talking Leaves Books (Buffalo / November 20, 2014) with Peter Ramos

100,000 Poets & Artists for Change (Buffalo / September 27, 2014)

Litsplosion (Rochester / September 13, 2014) with Stevie Edwards, Charlie Cote, Jacob Rakovan, & Rachel McKibbens

Silo Sessions Live at Silo City (Buffalo / September 11, 2014) with Battle Trance, Flatsitter, & Steve Baczkowski

The Art Bar Poetry Series at The Black Swan (Toronto, Ontario / August 26, 2014) with Jade Wallace & Dwayne Morgan

Buffalo Infringement Festival at Just Buffalo Writing Center (Buffalo / August 1, 2014) with Joe Hall, Rachael Katz, Amanda Montei, Adam Drury, & Robin Jordan

Kenyon College Young Writers Workshop (Gambier, Oh / June 24-July 5, 2014) with Mike McGriff & Dan Poppick

Grey Borders Reading Series at the Niagara Artists Centre (St. Catharines, Ontario / March 27, 2014) with Judith Goldman, Joe Hall, & Amanda Montei

Makeout Creek, OH NO BOOKS, & Smoking Glue Gun Reading at Vermillion Gallery (Seattle / February 28, 2014) with Colleen Barry, Stephanie Berger, Nick Demske, Tarfia Faizullah, Joe Hall, Joshua Poteat, Nate Waggoner, Zach Savich, & Jane Wong

Birds of a Feather offsite AWP Reading at Re-Bar (Seattle / February 26, 2014)
with Christopher Salerno, Marc McKee, Ada Limón, Andrea Cohen, Natalie Eilbert, Laura Eve Engle, Danez Smith, Elizabeth Colen, Lee Ann Roripaugh, & Kyle McCord

(B)uffalo (A)rt (D)ispensary Art Party at Western New York Book Arts Center (Buffalo / Februrary 8, 2014) with Robin Jordan, Cheryl Quimba, & music by Wooden Cities

Celebrity Dream Poems Release Party at Big Orbit Gallery (Buffalo / January 25, 2014)
with Joe Hall, Barbara Cole, Cheryl Quimba, Michael Flatt & music by Kevin Cain

Stain of Poetry Reading Series at Berl’s Poetry Shop  (Brooklyn, NY / November 15, 2013)
with Kate GreenstreetDJ Dolack, & Laura Goldstein

Opening Night, Poetics Program SUNY-Buffalo (Buffalo / August 30, 2013)

Gem City Poetry Stage (Dayton, OH / July 28, 2013)

Deep Fried Reading Series with Matt Hart & Willa Carroll (Rochester / July 12, 2013)

Kenyon College in support of Young Writers Workshop (Gambier, OH / June 24- July 5, 2013)
with Mike McGriff & Tarfia Faizullah

Dayton Visual Arts Center If A Tree Falls exhibition (Dayton, OH / June 21, 2013)
with Adrien Cassel

Cornelia Street Cafe New York Quarterly Reading Series (New York City / May 20, 2013)

North High Brewing with Joshua Ware & Jeff Alessandrelli (Columbus, OH / May 11, 2013)

Superfreakin’ Reading with Corey Zeller & Lillian-Yvonne Bertram (Buffalo / March 16, 2013)

Opening Night, Poetics Program SUNY-Buffalo (Buffalo / January 18, 2013)

BIG NIGHT READING SERIES with Pamela Lu (Buffalo / December 1, 2012)

June – July 2012 Kenyon College in support of Young Writers Workshop
with Jake Adam York & Dan Poppick

Canal Street Tavern with Matt Hart & Nick Sturm, Book Release Party (Dayton, OH / June 10, 2012)

LAVA Festival with Kevin Haworth, BatCat book release party (Midland, PA / May 17, 2012)

Dayton Art Institute, Urban Nights & Changing Landscapes exhibit (Dayton, OH / May 11, 2012)

The Poetry Forum (Columbus, OH / October 24, 2011)

The Big Big Mess Reading Series (Akron, OH / August 12, 2011)
with Jason Bredle

Things My Friends Say Reading Series (Cincinnati, OH / July 25, 2011)
with Matt McBride

Kenyon College in support of Young Writers Workshop (Gambier, OH / June – July 2011)
with Zach Savich, Jonathan Crimmins, & Jason Nemec

AWP – Oh No Books/Makeout Creek Reading – (Washington D.C. 2011)
with Tarfia Faizullah, P.J. Gallo, James Hannaham, Cynthia Grier Lotze, Emma Rathbone, S.E. Smith, Leigh Stein, Rebecca Wadlinger, & Gina Welch

New York Quarterly Reading Series (New York City / December 2010)
with Alex Galper and Marlene Rosen Fine

Peripatetic Poets Reading Series (Columbus, OH / July 2010)
reading with Fred Kirchner

Spectrum Awards (Dayton, OH / May 2010)
in support of Paul Laurence Dunbar Prize / Sinclair Community College

The Bon Mot/ley Reading Series (Cincinnati, Ohio / January 2010)
captured by Michael Hennessy of PennSound with Joshua Butts and Jen Tynes

Carnegie Mellon University – Open Thread Chapbook Awards Reading (Pittsburgh, PA / July 2009) with Colin C. Post and Matt Anserello

University of Dayton Lit Festival (Dayton, OH / April 2009)
with Jefferson Adams, Fred Kirchner, and Jeff Gundy

Earshot Reading Series (Brooklyn, NY / December 2009)
with Kenneth Hart, Thalia Aurinko-Mostow, Sarah Feeley, and Jenna Hymes

AWP – 2009 diode/Anti– Reading (Chicago, IL / February 2009)
with Bob Hicok, Mary Biddinger, Jake Adam York, Paul Guest, Joshua Ware, Steven Schroeder, G.C. Waldrep, Patrick Lawler, Lee Ann Roripaugh, Brent Goodman, Adam Clay, Matt Guenette, & Ada Limón