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Tag : Snowmen Losing Weight

07 Dec 2012

Snowmen Give Away

  Goodreads Book Giveaway Snowmen Losing Weight by Noah Falck Giveaway ends December 21, 2012. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win As a sort of celebration of the second printing, I will be giving away a copy of Snowmen Losing Weight through Goodreads. All you need to do is click the button and fill out your address and you might have a Snowman before Christmas. Just think of the possibilities.

12 Nov 2012

The Heimlich Maneuver versus The Slam Dunk versus The Tanning Salon

A couple of interviews sprouted up this afternoon on the “internets.” One I did with the amazing poet  Jake Adam York. This interview is currently featured over at the Kenyon Review. Jake says nice things about Snowmen and may even persuade you into fixing yourself a nice bowl of ice cream. Check it out! Then make your way over to LitBridge, a killer resource for any writer. The LitBridge folks are working hard at spreading the word on everything writerly. Good people. In […]

11 Nov 2012

Snowmen Losing Weight Book Trailer

Snowmen Losing Weight Book Trailer Pre-order the second press run here:

16 Oct 2012

Spotlight Interview up at Coldfront

Nick Sturm and I shared some grapes and spoke about poems and education and mixtapes over at Coldfront. If you have a minute you might want to stop over and check it out. Also, I shared my experiences with the wonderful people at BatCat Press. You can find that here. Now go carve the superman symbol into a pumpkin.

14 Jun 2012

Where We No Longer Hold Our Horses

The Dayton release party of Snowmen Losing Weight was very much like game 5 of the 1989 NBA playoffs between the Chicago Bulls & the Cleveland Cavaliers. Both the release party & the playoff game had the kind of energy you could shoot from a cannon and people would dance and clap and spill drinks. Below see if you can see the resemblances. As mentioned in an earlier post, Snowmen Losing Weight has officially sold out. However, BatCat Press is […]

08 Jun 2012

O What They Say Of The Accordion

Check out tracks from King Elk, The Judy Blooms, Speaking Suns, and Henry Daggs all of which will be playing this Sunday, June 10th at Canal Street Tavern (see the line up & times above.) Get a babysitter now. Also, Don Draper is said to be attending, at least according to Facebook. He can fill you in on all the Mad Men madness. HENRY DAGGS * The Dayton Daily News has posted an article promoting the release of Snowmen Losing Weight, […]

29 May 2012
Snowmen Losing Weight - Noah Falck

Snowmen Losing Weight

BatCat Press Snowmen Losing Weight 61 pages, Accordion-style hardcover, 2012 Individually bound by hand ISBN: 978-0-9843678-6-3 Currently Unavailable Praise for Snowmen Losing Weight “I hear Whitman in the poems in Snowmen Losing Weight. But there’s more than a yawping echo here, there’s this huge tenderness and intellect that allows us to see “faces beautifully obscene in the sun,” a party’s worth of strangeness and play, and a lingering darkness.” – Nick Sturm at Coldfront Magazine “Everyone wants Snowmen Losing Weight, I know. And I do mean to share […]

20 May 2012

Book Is Born

This past weekend my first book of poems, Snowmen Losing Weight, was born. I am happy to tell you that everyone is doing just fine. People smiled, clapped, and later ate cake. I read poems in it’s honor. The great people of BatCat Press sure do know how to make beautiful objects. Check out Snowmen’s page and if you have a few dollars, buy it. There are limited copies available. It will hopefully make you want to walk to a […]